After Care

Tattoo Aftercare

Ritual Arts, LLC is a professional tattoo studio where infection control is top priority. Our instruments are sterilized, our needles are single use only and our pigments are state approved. A new tattoo is a sacred addition to your body, please follow these instructions for a quick and safe healing process.

  • Leave the initial bandage that the artist covers your new tattoo with on overnight.
  • When the time comes to remove it, please be sure to clean all parts of your hands and under your fingernails before beginning. Singing “happy birthday” slowly is generally considered a good amount of time.
  • If the bandage feels stuck, simply dampen with water before starting to remove.
  • Wash your tattoo under running water with a gentle liquid soap using only your fingertips. Ritual Arts, LLC prefers a castile-based soap such as Dr. Bronner’s baby mild. Wash until you have completely removed all excess ointment, plasma, and pigment. Pat your new tattoo dry with a clean paper towel.
  • Clean your new tattoo 3 – 5 times a day in this same manner for the first three days. Following that, wash twice a day until your new art is healed.
  • Once your new tattoo is completely dry you can use a small amount of white unscented lotion. Ritual Arts, LLC prefers Alba, Aveeno, and Nature’s Gate. You can also use Eucerin or Cetaphil.
  • Your new tattoo is going to itch, it is going to peel, and it is going to flake. These are very normal stages of the healing process. Please don’t pick or scratch at it, this could damage your new tattoo!
  • Absolutely no direct sunlight for the first 2 – 3 weeks. Wear sunscreen after that.
  • No submersion in water for the first 2 – 3 weeks. This includes your bathtub, the kiddie pool, the ocean and any other body of water.

We want you to understand and to be an active participant in your healing process. If you have any questions or concerns that are not answered here, please feel free to call or come by the studio.

Body Piercing Aftercare

  • Wash your hands before you touch your piercing.
  • To heal your piercing we suggest you use a non-iodized sea salt soak twice a day, every morning & every night (¼ teaspoon per 8oz of warm filtered/bottled water). 5-10 minutes soak/compress time.
  • If using soap on the piercing, we suggest watered down castile soap (Baby Dr. Bronner’s).
  • Do not use any harsh cleansers/chemicals on the piercing (Betadine, Hibiciens, alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, Bactine, Dial soap, etc) as these may cause cell damage. Please, do not apply ointments that may suffocate the piercing.
  • During the healing process do not play with it, tug on it, rotate it, or hang anything heavy from it.
  • No body fluids should come in contact with the piercing.
  • No lakes, rivers, streams, hot springs/tubs, swimming pools, saunas, etc. for 4 weeks or until healed.
  • Don’t touch it & don’t let anyone else touch it, as hands tend to be dirty.
  • Remember in piercing you, we have created a wound and it is normal to have inflammation and swelling around the piercing. Bleeding, scabbing, & crusting is part of the healing process.

Oral Piercing Aftercare

  • If you intend to touch your piercing wash your hands first
  • After you eat, drink (other than water), or smoke anything rinse with a non-alcohol base mouthwash such as Tom’s of Maine, Jason Organics, Some Tea Tree Oil rinses
  • Compress/soak (lip/Monroe) 2-3 times a day for 5-10 min each time
  • Rinse with ¼ teaspoon of non-iodized sea salt per 8oz of warm water periodically throughout the day
  • Ice to suck on, bromelain on an empty stomach, and Tumeric capsules are known to reduce inflammation and swelling
  • Do not play with it or tug on it.
  • No tongue kissing or oral sex until healed completely.

Dermal Anchors Aftercare

  • Please, wash hands prior touching piercing
  • You may use a saline wound wash to clean piercing
  • Gently remove debris with a sterile gauze pad soaked in the saline wound wash
  • Be careful not to tug, scratch, or pull at it as this may cause migration or removal
  • No lakes, rivers, streams, hot tubs, or swimming pools until healed
  • When swimming after healing has occurred please apply a waterproof bandage.
  • Remember that in piercing you, we have created a wound and it is normal to have inflammation and swelling around the piercing. Bleeding, scabbing, & crusting is part of the healing process.