Chaz Vitale

Photo by Kina Williams

Chaz Vitale has been tattooing since 2006 creating custom work for eager clients. He came to Portland to pursue art at the Pacific Northwest College of Art. Chaz earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art with a major in Intermedia and Printmaking. Since graduating Chaz has done many solo and group shows locally and nationally. He ran a successful business and studio practice as a freelance Visual Artist designing and constructing original works. He is also known for his lighter side and a drawing series known as Uniporn. Uniporn features the dazzling wonders of fornicating unicorns. It has been featured as a Valentine’s Day must buy by, a comedy website dedicated to the “whimsical fuckery” of handmade goods. Uniporn has been seen and sold internationally to the amusement of many. Chaz greatly values putting his  artistic and anatomical training to task, making designs that flatter the human figure. He enjoys doing botanical, floral, text, art inspired pieces as well as tattoos that require a blended approach to color. Chaz believes that from  pure adornment to celebration to memorial tattoos can satisfy the human task of building meaning. He is honored and endlessly grateful to serve every client. Chaz is deeply dedicated to achieving your artistic satisfaction through the collaborative process of creating custom work.

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