Jason Stewart

unnamedOregon born and Portland based since ’06. Tattoo artist since ’03.

Inspirations – Nature, people, the environment, all life.

Influential Artists – Hieronymus Bosch, M.C.Escher, HR Giger, Zdzisław Bedsiński and Burne Hogarth.

Education/training – Drawing since given a crayon. Self taught pencil artist and painter.

Personal Artistic philosophy – A grounding meditative practice. Art’s a teacher of ways to live. It requires patience, discipline, acceptance through mistake, the balance of control and its absence.

Artistic insights/techniques – Taking my time. Trusting myself, my process. Remembering my uniqueness as an artist. Any step forward is right if it can be learned from including the wrong ones. Seeing the whole image all the time.

What I’d like to accomplish with art – A peaceful and quiet mind. To teach, share what I’ve learned and inspire.


Jason Stewart Spider


jason stewart devils in the details