Yelp Reviews

Ashley G. — 5 Stars:

“I had a big back piece done between May and September 2013 by Tina at RitualArts. I picked the studio because of its vegan/queer friendliness and because frankly I loved the work that I saw of Tina’s online more than any other artists/ studios that I looked at. I don’t have an artistic bone in my body and little to no “vision”. Tina took a basic sketch my friend had drawn for me some time ago along with some pictures from the internet, and “tattooified” my idea better than I could’ve dreamed up in my imagination! She made some suggestions of things to add into it that really made the tattoo a work of art. Tina checked in with me regularly about design/colors/progress/etc. She has a gentle hand and was very patient with my low pain threshold and squirminess.

When the weather permits and I am showing skin (and my very colorful upper back tattoo), I get TONS of compliments. People say that it looks like I have an oil painting on my back. All of the artists and piercers in the studio are very friendly and it’s a comfortable/ welcoming environment. The studio is immaculately clean with great attention to sterile procedure. It does not have the pretentiousness of some other Portland tattoo studios. Prices are very reasonable. If you want a quickie tattoo off the wall, this is not the place for you. But if you want a piece of custom-made art for your body and have the patience to allow for the design process and wait for an appointment with a high quality experienced artist, look no further.”

Victoria R. — 5 Stars:

“Ritual Arts proudly is home to the kind of artists you would follow from shop to shop. loyalty is not asked but earned with these beautiful people. Chaz is my personal favorite. His work is Stunning. as an artist myself he is able to satisfy my creative desires and incorporate my ideas into his art. This is as good as it gets!”

Eric K. — 5 Stars:

Amazing place!  Shea helped me get fitted with a snug seamless gold septum ring and tapered/lubes up my ears for stretch- would come back in a heartbeat.”

David B. — 5 Stars:

“Ritual Arts was the perfect experience for our 10 year-old daughter’s first ear piercing. Everyone at the shop made her feel at home and relaxed. Shane 7, one of the resident piercers, was extraordinary.  He made her feel comfortable, safe, and important. We couldn’t have asked for more.

Highly recommend them for kids ear piercings.”

Curtis P. — 5 Stars:

“I’ve gotten work done at a few shops in Portland, and many cities across the country. A common thread between tattoo shops is the weird macho attitude. I hate that shit.

I walked into Ritual Arts on a whim, and was shocked to be greeted by a friendly “hello!”. The whole staff seemed to be happy and positive, and good vibes just flowed from them all. After looking through their portfolios I realized there was some amazing art being done here, and all my previous dealings with gruff tattoo employees was a thing of the past.

I’m not vegan or queer, but I really respect the environment these folks have created in this space. This seems to be THE shop for those members of our community, but I felt right at home as well. Getting tattooed by someone you can have a pleasant conversation with was such a nice change of pace. Ritual Arts has raised the bar regarding what a tattoo shop can be!”

Tara R. — 5 Stars:

“Chaz Vitale is amazing as well as everyone else that works at Ritual Arts! I always feel super welcome whenever I come into the shop, like I am part of the family. I highly recommend this place to anyone and everyone!”

Zack R. — 5 Stars:

“I had been considering getting a nipple piercing for over a year. While on vacation in Portland, I finally decided (thank goodness I had a friend with me for moral support!) to go ahead with it. Having found Ritual Arts to be a member of the APP (http://www.safepiercing.…), something that was important to me, and seeing the positive reviews, I decided I would visit them for my piercing.

I was glad to see that they took walk-ins, and was immediately greeted upon entering. Seven, one of the owners, quickly approached me and answered all of my questions. I was pleased to see he would be the one to pierce me, having read his name on most of the positive reviews.

The entire process of piercing both nipples took less than 30 minutes. He not only fully explained the sanitation procedures that Ritual Arts uses (one reason I wanted an APP member piercing place), but he also explained how I should control my breathing during the process. He was friendly, funny and extremely knowledgeable. He spent a good ten minutes marking the piercing, double checking his marks, and making adjustments. The attention to details and specifics really impressed me.

Was it painless? Not at all – I see why people say it’s the 2nd most painful piercing you can get! But Seven’s gentleness and sensitivity to it being my first piercing made the entire process as pain-free as possible. He fully explained the aftercare procedures, and then I put my shirt back on and went to pay. The price was extremely reasonable, and I of course had to tip on top of that for the amazing service.

Knowing I live in Connecticut and was out there for vacation, he gave me his card, and told me to email or call anytime with questions.

I was beyond impressed with my experience at Ritual Arts. Thank you to Seven and his amazing business for a great experience – and an amazing-looking piercing!”

Sarah E. — 5 Stars:

“Today was my second visit to Ritual Arts. First time was with Shea for my nostril, and today a double tragus with Seven. Both piercers are extremely knowledgeable and professional. They explain the process in depth and give you thorough aftercare instructions. In addition, they are both super sweet and kind. Both piercings were also relatively pain free! Thank you for running such a professional and friendly business! I will continue to visit for my piercing needs and refer friends and family. :)”

Stephanie S. — 5 Stars:

“This was the 4th establishment we researched and visited. As soon as we walked through the door we knew Ritual Arts was the place for our unplanned adventure. 7 greeted us with his beautiful smile and warm welcome. He took his time to explain everything and made extra efforts in trying to calm our nerves. What started out as only me getting pierced ended up all three of us getting pierced. It was definitely a moment never to forget and 7 even managed to make it a holistic experience. The establishment itself is extremely clean as is their technique. They go above and beyond state standards. We give our stamp of approval and all thumbs up! Thanks 7 & Ritual Arts!”

Allison B. — 5 Stars:

“What a professional and caring experience. The atmosphere is friendly and peaceful. The artists are excellent at blending personal design with their own inspired expertise. All around wonderful experience!”

Jeff R. — 5 Stars:

“I got my first piercing today!  I’m 46, and I’ve been thinking about this for a long time. You don’t commit to a piercing lightly, and you only do so after you’ve done your homework.

My homework led me to Seven Wolfe at Ritual Arts. I’d visited four different shops around town, checked out the jewelry choices, met with the piercers, and talked with them about the piercing I wanted to get done. I settled on Seven at Ritual Arts for a few reasons.

First, he gives off a friendly, knowledgable, professional vibe. Portland has a lot of technically proficient piercers, but not everybody puts you at ease so quickly. Seven talked with me the minute I dropped in to check out the studio. We sat down to chat, and he listened to everything I had to say and answered all my questions. He knows his profession backwards and forwards, but he never talks down to you. It was my first time, and he answered my questions easily and in a friendly manner. He’s really sensitive to clients’ concerns — even though he does this every day, he knows that it’s not an every day event for his clients!

Second, he thoroughly explained the entire process, start-to-finish. He went the extra mile explaining their sterilization procedures, and he showed me around the shop. It’s clean, bright, clean, open, clean, and spotless!  I was joking that you could perform surgery in there, and then it occurred to me that it really is that clean — you probably *could* perform surgery in there. They exceed the state’s legal requirements for cleanliness and sterilization, and that’s saying something; Oregon has the highest standards for piercing and tattoo shops anywhere in the US.

Third, they run a professional business. It’s friendly and casual, and everyone is helpful and approachable. The customer service is great, but it’s more than that. The shop is staffed by smart, creative people. The space is filled with art by local artists. The location is convenient, and it has plenty of parking. This is not a hole-in-the-wall shop that caters to a hipster crowd. This is a business that’s here for the long-term, and they stand behind their work. When my niece goes to her parents asking to get her ears pierced, I’m going to recommend Ritual Arts. I have every confidence that they’re going to treat her with the same consideration they showed me.

The Big Day arrived, and the procedure itself couldn’t have been quicker or easier. Sure, it stung a little, but Seven is so adept at his job, the entire piercing (piercing, insert jewelry, and screw the balls on the ends of the jewelry) couldn’t have taken more than 10-15 seconds. He talks you through the procedure, from preparing for it, to deep breathing and relaxation, to the actual piercing, to the jewelry insertion, to the aftercare procedures.

After kind of psyching myself up to pay somebody to stab me with a pointy object (twice!), the actual piercing was a little anticlimactic… which is how it should be!  After all the preparation and education, there’s really not much else to do but follow through. Seven told me to check in if I had any questions or problems, and he invited me back to check on my healing progress anytime. I can’t say it enough: they’re friendly, knowledgable, and professional. They know how to treat their clients.

I’m a very satisfied customer, and I’ve kind of become a fan. I will recommend Ritual Arts without hesitation or reservation to anyone who’s looking for the best piercing experience in Portland, hands down”

Angela W. — 5 Stars:

“I have nothing but good things to say about Ritual Arts and the people who work there. My husband, daughter and I have all been tattooed by Jesse and I have been pierced by Seven and they were so amazing! While the beautiful artwork and super clean environment first pull you in. The way that you are greeted with hugs and the feel of family is what makes this shop so awesome. You will never feel like cattle being pushed through and and not cared about all in the name of the mighty dollar. While I’m on the whole dollar topic, let me say that the shop rate of $125 an hour for tattooing is an awesome steal. Especially for the range of talent you are getting. Piercings are also priced very well. There’s great art, jewelry, aftercare supplies, fun times and great people. Oh and gift certificate options!  What more could you ask for?  I’m telling you this shop rocks! What are you waiting for? Make your appointment!”

Nicole T. — 5 Stars:

“i got double nostril piercings done by seven. it was a really great experience. seven gave me the whole spiel about the sterility of all the jewelry and tools, which i actually quite appreciated to hear in detail. this place is great about cleanliness and sterility! he also didn’t totally assume that i knew the cleaning regiment since i have other piercing, because frankly everyone (definitely myself included) need a good reminder.

seven was very friendly. everyone was. seven was really particular about the placement on each nostril. he took time to look at the placement over and over again. i appreciated the time and carefulness involved. also, he asked if i’d want to have rings in future. i hadn’t really thought about it, but i said i guess i probably would some day. he said that affects the placement a bit. he put rings in for me to see what they’d look like. and i actually really preferred the way the rings looked. so once these are healed, i will be putting rings in.

the piercing itself was relatively painless. seven was comforting and guided my breathing during the process. he talked about what he was doing as he was doing it, and checked in with me to see how i was doing along the way.

along with being super friendly and professional, seven is a total babe!

A+ highly recommended”

Christin M. — 5 Stars:

Wish I could give this shop more stars!! I have been with Jesse for a long time and I LOVE this group!! I cannot say enough about this shop! They are extremely clean, knowledgeable, and so positive. They teach you important information that keeps you healthy. The work is AMAZING!! I have NEVER been disappointed! I have sent several friends to them and they have all continued with large artwork. The talent and imagination is unbeatable! If you’re looking for a new piece this is the definitely the BEST place to go!

Rondi V. — 5 Stars:

Ritual Arts is a wonderful space with fantastic people!  Their environment is clean & welcoming, and their customer service is top notch!  My daughter & my best friend have had piercings done by Seven, he did a wonderful job and is so caring & kind.  Jesse did a large tattoo on my husband’s arm, and it became an amazing piece of artwork!  Jesse just started a cover-up for me, and it has already exceeded my expectations.  Probably some of the nicest and most talented people in Portland!

Nik R. — 5 Stars:

“Ritual Arts is a beautiful space. They say be the ritual, and they’re not kidding (which is a really good thing.) I’ve gotten several tattoos from Jesse, and love how present, kind and genuine he is.  He doesn’t hesitate to suggest changes on placement, and makes sure that what you’re getting is what you want.  He’s a gifted artist, exacting and absolutely intentional in everything he does.  I have several lines of a san-serif text wrapping up my right arm, and I regularly get asked who did it and complimented on how even the lines are and how precise the work.  All the artists here are ridiculously talented, and the space itself is calming and a pleasure to be in.”

Jeremy S. — 5 Stars:

“Everyone at Ritual Arts is amazing Seven did both of my nostrils for me and did a superb job! Also Every time i go in i get a hug (that’s really the best part)”

Marci K. — 5 Stars:

“I had the best experience from the minute I went in. The staff is very friendy. Chaz is a wonderful person who made me feel at ease.I love my tattoo.” 

Felicia F. — 5 Stars:

“After I moved here from Colorado, I was looking for a new tattoo artist and was steered to Ritual Arts by a friend. I was still nervous about finding a new artist but I decided to give Ritual Arts a try and I am glad I did! The entire staff is welcoming and friendly, the shop has a cozy, comfortable ambiance to it. Jesse was my artist and he is amazing and very knowledgeable about tattoos, mere words cannot fully describe his talent. Also, he is one of the kindest people I have every met, you can’t help but love him. I will only be in Portland for a few years but Jesse was so incredible I never want to find another tattoo artist again and plan on flying back here just for him!” 

Gretchen N. — 5 Stars:

“Tina re-worked a four year old tattoo. She did a wonderful job, better than I’d hoped. She’s a very good artist, friendly and very kind. She was scrupulous about the sterile instruments. The place is great–light and airy. I would recommend Tina and Ritual Arts Tattoos to anyone who wants good art and a good experience. I love my “new” tattoo!” 

Jessica S. — 5 Stars:

“I can’t recommend Ritual Arts enough.  The fabulously friendly environment immediately draws you in and wraps you in it’s arms.  My artist took the small idea I had and brought it to life.  Chaz is such a gifted artist and is very precise and professional!  Sometimes getting a tattoo can be a little nerve wracking but this place offers so much comfort that it was hard to feel nervous.  My only wish is that they opened up a shop down here in Long Beach! :]]  To any and all looking for piercings and tattoos, look no further…. this is the place for you!”

Dana M. — 5 Stars:

“This tattoo and piercing shop is AMAZING! I was recently tattooed by Jesse Enz. He did a great job! The shop is so beautiful, clean, warm and inviting. All the staff here are super talented and friendly. There is new and interesting artwork on display. Great location. Even better artists!”

Connor B. — 5 Stars:

“Let me start by saying: I LOVE this shop, nearly 80%  of people I know has been tattooed and/or pierced here, and I have never, not one time heard a negative review of the work or the environment. And while I haven’t been tattooed here (yet) I went in and had my septum pierced last weekend. And let me say,  I am a giant wimp when it comes to pain. But Seven and his magical and super calm composure made it as stress free as possible for me. Also, I really appreciate that the piercing room is in the back of the shop, away from the bustle of the front desk and the chatter of people getting tattooed. The separate space makes the piercing experience so much more comfortable. This space is impeccably clean, owned and operated by fantastic people, and they have created a much needed, and much loved space in the community. Go see them!” 

Thuy E. — 5 Stars:

“Beautiful space, very clean and up scale, friendly staff.”

Michael D. — 5 Stars:

“Tina was my tattoo artist today.  The body art I had created was to cover up a surgical scar.Shop is CLEAN, area for the appointment was roomy, open, yet private, and I felt at ease. My first appointment was to discuss what I wanted done.  I took some of my own drawings in and we discussed where, colors, and design. Tina listened to what I wanted and created a piece of art that both my husband and I were excited to see come to “life” today. Ritual Arts should be the place you think of FIRST to go for body art.” 

Benjamin H. — 5 Stars:

“Ritual Arts is super clean and professional. The luxurious atmosphere truly does create an air of ritual. All the piercers and tattoo artists there are incredibly experienced and skilled. I had my tattoo done by Chaz Vitale, who is formerly of Skeleton Key Tattoo–and I would follow him to any new shop due to his talent and warm personality. I am certain that the folks at Ritual Arts are more Trans and Queer friendly than any other shop in town. If you’re looking for an unique and top-notch experience, this is the place to check out.” 

Mandy I. — 5 Stars:

“This place is great!!!! Unlike other studios I’ve been to, Ritual Arts is so welcoming and non-threatening.  The space itself is open & airy & full of natural light.  I was greeted with a hello by everyone who wasn’t head down in a tattoo. I am half way done with a full back of AMAZING by Tina Greer.  She took my concept and made it into a beautiful work of art.  Her touch is light and her personality is so calming and kind.  I sat through 5 hours of outlining effortlessly & then 5 hours of shading.  Considering that my previous tattoo is the size of a stamp on my wrist, I was shocked at how well this went. Tina has worked on several of my friends now & every one of them will sing her praises.” 

Del R. — 5 Stars:

“Ritual Arts Tattoo & Body Piercing is home to my favorite tattoo artist. I have followed Jesse from shop to shop. He cares about every tattoo he does and wants to make it the best experience he can. Dare I say it is a magical/spiritual experience to be tattooed by Jesse. I am a walking canvas of his, as all my ink (and I have quite a lot) is by him. While I am faithful to Jesse’s artistry, there are two other incredible artist here: Tina & Chaz, each with their own incredible, unique talent. In addition, Shane is the phenomenal piercer who will put you at ease  and provide you with an amazing new piercing. They have a abundant array of jewelry to choose from, you won’t be disappointed. Last, but certainly not least, the shop itself is gorgeous. Warm, inviting colors and atmosphere. Complementary tea, EmergenC, and vegan sweets to choose from. They also sell a beautiful selection of stones, crystals and fossils, as well as organic and vegan aftercare products. Do yourself a favor and come take in this amazing studio. You won’t be disappointed.”

Claire P — 5 Stars:

“Chaz Vitale started my tattoo while working at another shop, and I just had some more work done on it at Ritual Arts. It was a great experience (as far as getting stuck with needles for three hours goes). Chaz is an amazing artist. He custom designed my tattoo, and I couldn’t be happier with it. He is funny and relaxed, which made the whole process as good as could be. I loved the shop, too. It has a really good vibe, spacious and lots of light. And I was thrilled to learn how eco-conscious and vegan-friendly they are. They carry a great selection of vegan jewelry (no non-vegan jewelry, wooo!) and Chaz told me that all but one of the tattoo artists (I forget who) use vegan inks (wooo!). Plus they have vegan candy on hand (wooo!).”

Yona B. — 5 Stars:

“First, about the shop Ritual Arts. The shop is physically beautiful. The dark wood, copper color accents and naturally white curtains make the space feel warm and welcoming. The atmosphere is soothing and friendly while maintaining a professional air that comes from having skilled artists who are serious about their craft. The fact that they make every effort to lower their environmental impact is just another example of their professionalism. Now about Jesse Enz, my tattoo artist. I’ve known Jesse for many years. When my partner and I decided to celebrate our 10+ years  together with a commitment tattoo for me there was only one person we wanted to work with us. Jesse took our vague idea and created an amazing symbol of our commitment. He suggested several additional touches and altered the design several times to make it perfect for us. He was always warm, caring and obviously devoted to serving his clients. During the tattooing process, Jesse is attentive to the physical and emotional limits of the person he is working on. Last week I returned to him, at his new location Ritual Arts, to add the shading to the original tattoo that he had suggested in the design phase. I never thought I could love my beautiful tattoo more but his latest extra touches just blew me away. Because of Jesse’s artistry, caring and devotion to his craft I have an amazing symbol of my love and commitment to my partner that will be with me always.”

Elizabeth M. — 5 Stars:

“I recently got a tattoo that I had been wanting to get for some time at Ritual Arts, mainly because they were new to the neighborhood and convenient for me – and I seriously lucked out.  Working with Jesse Enz was an incredible experience and my tattoo is BEAUTIFUL.  I could not have wished for anything more, it is exactly what I wanted.  The shop was friendly and relaxing and the people were obviously very skilled and were also enthusiastic about their work.  In addition, it is clear that they are close and care about each other’s work, which creates a nice, positive environment.  I hope to have Jesse do all of my future tattoos and would not consider going any place else.”

Susan H. — 5 Stars: 

“What a great place!! Chaz is an incredible artist and did an AMAZING job on my tattoo, I can’t recommend him enough! The space is beautiful and clean, I felt comfortable (as much as one can for being tattooed!) and left fabulously adorned. I would recommend him and all the great people in the shop to my best of friends and of course to complete strangers too (since I am writing this here!!).”

Jaybird D — 5 Stars:

“Ok, to be upfront about my bias: I’ve followed the owner, Jesse Enz, since back in the day when he worked at his first tattoo shop and he just keeps getting better and better.  In Portland there are many skilled tattoo artists, and we are lucky to be able to choose amongst the best of the best.  You’ll find the best of the best at Ritual Arts.  Jesse’s blackwash work with ink has held up brilliantly over time and constantly gets compliments from novice and experts alike.  His understanding of the way the ink works in the skin and his eye for detail allows me (a totally picky artist type) to relax and allow him to bring my vision into reality.  And lest you think that all that skill makes for a cocky artist, let me assure you I’ve never met a kinder and more down to earth person.  The shop itself is clean, spacious and so welcoming!  A wonderful place whether you’re looking for your first tattoo or you’re coming back for more.   Seven, the other owner and piercer extraordinaire is equally kind, with a wry grin for everyone.  The best tattoo shops feel like family, and that energy is palpable here.  Add to that the passion and ethics extend to the natural world by offering vegan ink (some pigments are made with bones and other animal products, I was surprised to discover, but these are every bit as vibrant and long-lasting without the cruelty) to their gorgeous carved wood jewelry for large gage piercings.  If you want to choose from the best of the best–all skill and no attitude, make sure to check out this up and coming shop!”

Dan F. — 5 Stars:

“my boy jesse.. he is the only one i trust with my skin.. he has a great touch.. beautiful work.. and one of the nicest people you will ever meet.. I love you bro… !!”

Rosie B. — 5 Stars:

“The artists here are unparalleled. Their passion is obvious, for what they do and for the people they work with (clients as well as coworkers). The studio is clean, spacious, and comfortable, and having a parking lot available makes it that much more convenient to stop in. If you have a chance to be tattooed or pierced by any of these artists, don’t miss it! It’s an investment in beautiful, quality work.”

CRG C. — 5 Stars:

“I’m so excited that Jesse Enz and Seven (Shane) Wolfe have opened this space! Jesse has been one of my favorite artists for years and is absolutely full of great talent! He and Seven both have a very calming and compassionate energy about them and use the arts of body modification as a pathway for healing energy. This shop is intended to be a safe and comfortable space for all who enter and when you walk in you can’t help but to feel the openness and goodness of the space.  This shop is bright and beautiful and there are privacy curtains for those that need them.  They also have access to hot tea and Emergen-C vitamin packets and even snacks for those of us that are receiving work and need a little bit of something.  LOVE LOVE LOVE this space!”

Danielle W. — 5 Stars

“Ritual Arts is an amazing shop, run by amazing people.  Jesse Enz has been tattooing me for the past six years and I have always been in love with his work and his amazing attitude.  The team here at Ritual Arts is one of a rarity, treating everyone as if they are part of a family.  Keywords:  Clean; Friendly; Quality Work.”