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Ritual Arts is Portland’s first Green Certified tattoo and piercing studio. We are located in the heart of the Hollywood District. We offer custom tattooing and body piercing with a great selection of exclusively vegan, socially responsible body jewelry, materials and after care products. Those seeking a fun, sacred, unique opportunity to honor their bodies will find a home at Ritual Arts. We are a queer owned studio that offers a comfortable, safe, and relaxing space where everyone is welcomed with our friendly and excellent customer service by staff. Our goal is to treat everyone like they are part of the Ritual Arts family.

We Have Gift Certificates Available

Want to give the gift of body modification to a loved one? We have gift certificates available in any denomination. Make someones day by gift them with a new tattoo, piercing or let them pick from our wide selection of jewelry. Stop by our shop to pick up this perfect gift option.

Cleanliness and Sterilization Practices

Ritual Arts lives up to and exceeds the Oregon Health and Licensing regulations, as well as all, but not limited to, the standards required by OSHA and the APP (Association of Professional Piercers). All of our needles are single use. All of our equipment used for body piercing and tattooing is sterilized in a steam autoclave and where not applicable hospital grade disinfection is used.

Custom Work and Requests

We are primarily a custom studio and love to work with our clients in bringing to life their visions and dreams. We also welcome the opportunity to consult with clients at no charge regarding what exactly they are looking for in their first or next tattoo or body piercing.


We are located at 2005 NE 42nd Ave, near the Max and we are on bus line #75. There is a bicycle lane on NE 42nd Street. You may use the parking lot on the North side of the building which has plenty of parking. There are no steps up or down into the entrance and the entrance is 40” wide with a non-recessed floor mat. The door is not power assisted. The entrance to the tattoo stations are on the same level and there are no steps up or down. The entrances to the tattoo stations are between 35” & 45” wide. Privacy is available for your tattooing and body piercing pleasure. The piercing room has a step up though piercings can be done on the same level in another station. We do not have a public bathroom though there is one across the street that is available for use. We have full spectrum lighting in the studio. The lighting is non-glare, non-reflecting, and non-blinking. There are no elevators in the building. The floor is a firm relatively slip resistant surface. We have an open lobby with chairs and a bench to sit while you wait. We do not use cleansers that are heavily perfumed. We do burn unscented candles. Massage tables are available and an extra-wide table is available that has a weight capacity of 800 pounds. We do not have an ATM though there are many ATMs in the area as well as US Bank and Wells Fargo. We offer vegan tattoo pigment and we offer implant grade titanium jewelry. We offer water, tea, electrolytes, organic vegan candies, and fruit for your enjoyment. Please, feel free to call us if you have any questions or concerns  in advance of your appointment. We love to accommodate you and yours. <3

Oregon Laws & Regulations

We require that all clientele follow Oregon Laws and regulations for tattooing as well as body piercing. Which are as follows:

  • Over the age of 18* with proof of age on state, government, or federal photo ID.
  • Not pregnant or breast feeding
  • No signs of intravenous drug use.
  • Not under the influence of alcohol

*Minors may have select body piercings done with parental consent. It is the responsibility of the parent to show proof of guardianship and have photo ID. Furthermore, parental guardians will be required to accompany the minor with all procedures.

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